Hey Monkeybutt Bunny Pirate and fellow Monkeybutts

It’s yer ship mate, little Mack here.
I was up really, really late last night (cuz I took a long nap on the boat) and I heard my mom tell your mom that she’s going to buy us monkey Christmas orne ments. But don’t excited, buddy because they are GURL monkey orne ments an they are wearing frilly skirts, I think they call them 2-2s. I am NOT a gurl ! Can you call our legal department see if we have a case here? I mean, isn’t that deaf o mation of carrot sure. Thos pink cape girls will make fun of us if they find out about this. They can be really mean!

10 thoughts on “Hey Monkeybutt Bunny Pirate and fellow Monkeybutts”

  1. We’re not mean, we just speaks the truth! And the truth is that Tripawds rule – and Tripawd Grrrrls in Pink Capes rule even more – but, sadly, Monkeybutt dogs just drool…

    You can use the tutus to wipe your chins!


    Kisses! (I can’t help it – you’re still a cute boy…)

    1. I have lived with gurls wearing pink all my short life! What is it with gurls and pink?? The only pink I like is Monkeybutt Bunny’s ears!

      Now mom’s talkin bout dressing me like that monkey gurl or ne ment for trick n treatin night! When you mommies get together you come up with some wayyyyyyyyyyy BAD ideas!

  2. Oh! MonkeyMack! Thanks so much for the heads up! Sorry you had to stay up late but that is super sleuthing indeed! I didn’t hear the convo because I was playing with my splash bomb frisbee with daddy!

    2-2s? I wonder what those are? GURLS, I KNOW! And they are gross (see above post).

    Our mommies wouldn’t dress us in a skirt, would they? I mean, they are after all blue…and blue is for boys! Maybe you didn’t hear her right? You were super sleuthing on the sly! Maybe she said a Monkey Skurll in a blue moo-moo?

    Either way, it can’t be good for us tough boys. I think we need a legal team to get right on this! Unfortunately, mommy usually wins all the legal cases around here!

    Thanks again MonkeyMack! Keep your ears perked!


    1. I’m gonna ask dad to read the de rections on how to talk to my pirate buddies so they know it’s me, and not my dearly departed sister, Hope.

      It’s ok that I had to stay up late cuz I also got to sneak some ice cube snacks.

      Yep, fer certain it was 2-2s. And I know my mom would dress me up all frilly, because she’s already bought me some goggle glasses (which I must admit, do make me look like a driver of an old plane), bandanas and coats! She had a big ol’ chest of clothes for Hope! I heeard her say that those gurl monkey or ne ments wuz wearin RED rubbee rings too! Then I think it was Abby’s mom that said that she wished them 2-2s were yellow with dots on them….or was it another color with yellow dots…I don’t know! I fergot to rite it down! Anyway, they were all hootin’ up a storm laughing at us. They kept saying that them tripawds GURLS rule!

      Samson007 needs to help us out on this….

      Your fateful friend,
      Monkeybutt Mack, over and out.

  3. I likes pink and I likes dressing up, and I like Monkeyboyz! I don’t know if I likes Monkeyboyz dressed up in dots and frillz — I never seed such a thing before, but if you wear sumpin shiny, I will chase you.


    1. Oh, you are a purdy thing with them big, fluffy ears, Zippy-doo! Did you see a good picher of me—I am purdy too and maybe I will let mom dress me in frillies if you will chase me…I will wear a shiny sword to go with my 2-2… Yep, them are shore fluffy ears you got.

      Yer friend,
      Monkeybutt Mack

  4. It was my Woman who suggested yellow and pink polka dots, and she was not kidding. Much.

    You know if you removed the silly, ridiculous ears, you would restore the blood flow to your brains and your intelligence would return to your normal, Dog-given levels. Try it. You may like it. Idiots.

    Love, Dakota

    1. U just don’t preciate a purdy gurl, Arizona dog…or wherever u are reely from.
      An pleze tell that woman of yers that us Monkeybutts don’t like her talkin’ smack about us with them other women. Just aint’ fair!

  5. I don’t think Finchy would mind wearing the pink, because he rocks a purple collar and a purple harness. Purple is his color, but don’t get the wrong idea about him- he is quite the ladies man, the purple just helps bring out his brindle. Mom has never tried pink on him…

    Spirit Chili Dawg

    1. Hmmm, is that a dark burple he wears or that girly light kelered burple? If you think burple is ok, Sprit Chili, then that’s ok wiff me.

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